Having released one LP, two EPs, many singles and having toured much of Europe, HENRIETTE B has now released their new singles ‘THE CYCLE’ and ‘TIME FLIES’. Hailing from Tavannes, Switzerland the metalcore quintet have previously toured with bands like Pro-Pain, played alongside the likes of Caliban, Thy Art Is Murder and Carnifex, whilst also appearing at festivals such as Impericon Festival.

Channelling their combined psyche to deliver a raw, focussed, and melodic take on modern metalcore, their music combines an unyielding foray of styles and influences which unite technical and visceral instrumentation.

Contrary to the last album which was rather political and socially oriented, Nicolas inaugurates with the two new singles a new thematic cycle with more introspective lyrics. A way perhaps to exorcise certain thoughts that keep him awake at night such as illness and death (THE CYCLE) or the inexorable side of time passing (TIME FLIES). As a non-believer, these notions that he feels as inexplicable and suffered are at the same time source of inspiration and distress.

After a successful partnership on their last LP, the band decided to work with the same team. Both singles are mixed and mastered by Aljoscha Sieg from pitchback studios.